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We all know Covid caused (and still is causing) some serious shit ! No gigs, no festivals, no music !
We hope of course, things will get better soon, so trfbookings is looking at the future and keeps contacting our friends to see what we can mean for them after this pandemic passes.
We think it is important to keep you informed about what the bands,  we represent, are doing. On this page you will not only find news about future concerts, but also about cd releases, tours, .........  

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Stormburner - Shadow Rising ! 

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 We are proud to announce the fourth album of the Belgium metal band Fireforce!

The fourth album of FIREFORCE, entitled “Rage Of War”, was produced by Rd Liapakis and Bob Briessinck. Henrik Udd has the band rediscovering their tight, driving heavy metal; like a panzer at full-throttle. Twelve (ten on the LP version) intensely powerful songs will definitively put the power in their combat metal. At the same time, many pleasant harmonic and melodic components are sure to make an impression. The theme of the album remains unchanged: historical events through the ages that determined our world today. Battles and bravery, madness and war…