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Who are we ?

TRF is a small booking agency based in Belgium,specialised in hard rock and metal. 

TRF Bookings started and will continue only because of the passion for music and bands... we believe in all these fantastic musicians and hope to offer them the gigs and if possible, the European Tours, they deserve ! Currently TRF has been working with the following bands: THEM, Air Raid, CAGE, FireForce, Stormburner, Guilty as Charged, Dyscordia, the terrible project OF Gods of Monsters and last but not least Elvenstorm from France   !
Next to these bands we did the Belgian thrash metal act Guilty as Charged, the Swedish traditional metallers Scarblade and the heavy/power metal legends OMEN... .

TRF works especially in assignment with other agencies for shows in Belgium and when needed throughout Europe.
TRF have had the opportunity and arranged shows in this manner for bands like Riot V, Uli Jon Roth and Primordial with a 101% satisfaction. 

Aside from clubshows from small (bar style) venues to larger venues we also promote festivals.

      We can not give any guarantees, except for the one that we will do what we can and that we will do it with passion !